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3B = Buy Board Breed


3B  is a great way to own and enjoy alpacas without having to wait until you have a property of your own to start alpaca farming. You probably already know that owning a horse doesn’t mean that you have to own a stable and hundreds of rolling cares. Well it’s just the same with alpacas you would be surprised how many people own alpacas without moving to the country.

While 3B is almost certainly the friendliest alpaca boarding scheme around, it isn’t the cheapest because it includes all the usual services plus shearing your alpacas each year and then processing their wonderful fiber into superb knitting yarn for your personal use.

Each year you will receive around 3 lbs of knitting yarn from each of your alpacas, which would typically retail for about $120.00. You can sell the yarn or knit garments for friends and family whatever takes your fancy.

Your boarding also includes:

* Use of our free range pastures which are all irrigated in the summer months to ensure a constant supply of nutritious grass.
* In winter your alpacas diet is supplemented with hay from our own hay field. This is hay is laboratory tested to ensure it meets our own high standards.
* Feed supplements especially formulated to compliment the grass and hay found in the Pacific North West.
* Regular cutting of toe nails and inspection, including weights and body condition scores. All of which are recorded to create a comprehensive health record for your alpaca.
* All necessary veterinary protocols for control of parasites and to ensure a healthy and happy life.

The only additional charge is $250 for each birth, and incidental veterinary expenses.

The daily cost of the 3B service is $3.75

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