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Mulberry Alpacas Tuesday, 17 January, 2012  

Advice and Guidance for New Breeders

There is no substitute for experience and here on our alpaca farm, we make our knowledge and experience available to all our clients.

Finding a breeder with experience is an essential first step for anyone new to this market place. Just as importantly, you will need to find a breeder who has the time and the inclination to listen to your questions and answer them in a timely manner.

There are some very large and successful alpaca ranches with some great animals. The question you need to ask is how your breeder will react when you ring at 6am on a Sunday morning to ask why your alpaca is lying down and won't stand up. It is not that larger breeders do not care or want to help, but simply a matter of what is possible when you have hundreds of customers.

People buy from people, and if you are new to this business it is a real advantage if you respect your breeder and enjoy each other's company, after all they are going to be your business partner for the first few years. So look for animals that excite you, and look for people who will work with you to build a successful business (for example, helping you to write an alpaca business plan) and do not compromise on either. We are proud to know that we fit the bill!