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Located in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon  
Mulberry Alpacas Saturday, 14 May, 2011


gelded male alpacas from Mulberry Alpaca Farm
gelded alpaca male from Mulberry Alpaca Farm
gelded male alpacas from Mulberry Alpaca Farm

A.R.I Certificate: various

Like so many farms, we inevitably host a paddock of gelded males that didn't quite make the cut in our selection of potential herdsires. All of these males are loved and, we think, beautiful, but some are mildly challenged, dentally, some have knees a little too close together, some have gently sloping backs and one is just plain dim! If you are looking for pet quality animals, then we are your dream destination because our alpacas have been loved, handled and cared for. Most also come from exceptional breeding stock and also have fabulous fiber. Call, or otherwise contact us, to find out more .

Gelded males are $300 each, or $500 for two

Date of Birth: alpacas aged from one to five
Color: white, beige