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Mulberry Alpacas Tuesday, 17 January, 2012  

Why do we Broker Alpacas?

Brokering Alpacas

We have been in the Alpaca business internationally for over five years now and have met many breeders over that time, both on and off our alpaca farm. Besides breeding and selling our own animals, many of these people ask us to help them sell their animals. The animals usually come from small farms and are owned by people who want to use our marketing techniques (such as this web site) to help them sell their animals. We can assure you that the animals you buy will be guaranteed by the Owners to be healthy and well looked after. We check all the documents and farm history to be sure that all is in order, and we handle the animals ourselves. If you are just starting out we will help you with any questions or concerns you may have during and after the sale. All the information you need to make a purchasing decision is available and because we are breeders as well, we want to see you succeed.