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Buying Alpacas

One of the most critical decisions you will make involves the selection of your breeding stock. The decisions you make at this stage will be with you for many years and directly affect the cria you produce and the income that you can generate. It is vital that you find the ideal alpaca for you. "Decide in haste ...... repent at leisure", as my father used to say.

Alpaca Trailer on our alpaca farm
Alpacas arrive safely after a stress free journey at their new home.

The great news is that new breeders have a fantastic opportunity, because they can position themselves at the forefront of the industry by selecting animals that have superior traits. Knowledge of these traits and how to select them is often the difference betweens success and failure in the alpaca marketplace. Our advice and guidance (acquired over many years and involving a great deal of research) will help you make the right choices for your alpaca business.

Everyone has their own reasons, motivations (and budgets) for entering the alpaca market. Listening to people just like you, enables us to better understand your motivations and then guide you, at your own pace, through the alternatives that need to be considered. For example do you want Suri or Huccaya alpacas? White or coloured?

Once you know what type you want it comes down to selecting individual animals, and that involves a detailed physical examination and a health certificate issued by a veterinarian.

Finally, based on the physical examination, the veterinarian's pre-purchase examination, any test results, the animal's background and breeding history you will be ready to decide and sign a contract.

On our alpaca farm, Jo and I spend a great deal of time showing our clients what they should look for in their breeding stock and the relationship between quality and price. You can call us anytime and start the conversation about what kind of alpacas will best suit your plans for your alpaca business.