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Camelidynamics Handler Seal

Marty McGee Bennett has been leading the way in training and handling alpacas and llamas since the early days of the North American camelid industry. Marty's approach has evolved over the years and includes her extensive TTEAM and TTouch training with Linda Tellington Jones. Marty was the first practitioner TTEAM-certified specifically for training llamas and alpacas and the only TTEAM instructor for camelids.

With this knowledge and an uncanny ability to read camelid behavior, she has applied the essential physical principals of balance and leverage and the result is CAMELIDynamics™, an effective and respectful management, handling and training approach for llamas and alpacas.

Why Consider Using CAMELIDynamics™?

Put away your binoculars and get close to your animals. Learn CAMELIDynamics™ and you will learn how to behave in a way that makes your wooly buddies feel safe in your presence. A llama or an alpaca that feels safe is content to stand quietly as you work with him. Your camelid will do NOTHING and you will accomplish EVERYTHING!

How do you want your alpaca to respond when you approach to catch him? What do you want your llama to do when you put his halter on? What do we want our llamas and alpacas to DO when we are busy trimming toenails, grooming or giving an injection?

Think about it. The answer to all these questions is ... nothing.

Restraint is only necessary when an animal feels compelled to use his flight or fight response to danger. Learn which of your behaviors camelids find dangerous and threatening. Learn alternatives to these behaviors and you are on your way to restraint free handling. No more grabbing, no more wrestling, no more cushing, no more spitting, no more chasing.

Here on our alpaca farm we are working to become qualified practitioners in the art of CAMELIDYNAMICS and we treat every animal on our farm with care, knowledge, respect and efficiency. Alpacas purchased from us will have been handled at all times in the recommended fashion and will have learned that there is nothing to fear from humans. A purchase from us comes complete with an introduction to the Camelidynamics handling techniques and we run weekend courses on the basics of the (see our section of the website entitled “courses” for next available dates). We are truly committed to this wonderful way of working with alpacas – indeed with all living things.