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Located in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon  
Mulberry Alpacas Saturday, 19 July, 2008  



Rolling in the wood shavings was great fun!

Accepted wisdom tells us to "groom our pastures not our animals" and this is particularly true with alpacas.

Alpacas do not usually need to be groomed (deeply brushed). Washing or excessive brushing of an animal breaks down the lock formation and can damage the fleece's character. Even before shearing the minimum of preparation is the order of the day. The lock structure holds the fleece together after shearing and this should not be disturbed. In other words over preparation in the form of washing and brushing can devalue the potential of a fleece. So spend that time grooming your pastures, remove dung piles regularly together with any small debris or thistles that might become stuck in an animals fleece. Always ensure the shearing area is clean and dry so that the fleece does not become contaminated during shearing.