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Alpaca Insurance:

Insuring the animals on your alpaca farm, especially breeding females and males is a "no-brainer" for most people. The insurance premium is approximately 3.25% of the animals value per annum, and as such a female with a market values of $25,000 will have an insurance premium of $812 per annum.

At Mulberry Alpacas we insure with Wilkins Livestock Insurers Inc., the leading insurance agent for alpaca insurance. Wilkins represent several of the top insurance companies worldwide, enabling them to offer owners the best possible protection at competitive rates.

Wilkins is a family business, and they also raise alpacas and llamas on their own alpaca farm, so understand your needs.

Insurance coverage offered for alpacas can include:

- full mortality and theft.

- infertility coverage for your breeding males

- major medical coverage (you will have to shop around for this)

- named peril which is less expensive coverage but is limited to specific perils only.

The cover usually starts once the alpaca is 90 days old - you can get cover in the first 90 days of life but it will be very expensive for your alpaca farm.

Animals with a market value of less than $30,000 are offered cover without a veterinary examination. Animals with a market value greater than $30,000 will require a veterinary examination.

Not all breeders insure an animal for its whole life. Some take the view that once an alpaca has produced a cria of similar value to itself then it no longer needs to be insured. We can always explain this approach in greater detail when you visit our alpaca farm.

Wilkins Alpaca Insurance

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