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Mulberry Alpacas Friday, 29 August, 2008  

Take the Mulberry alpaca quiz and win a prize!

Simply click at the bottom of the page to email us the answers to the eight questions below and send it off for your chance to win an alpaca coloring book and a sample of alpaca fleece.

A baby alpaca (cria) which has been weaned is called a weanling or a _ _ _ ?

How many brothers and sisters did Sir Titus Salt have?

How much water will an alpaca typically drink in a day?

What is the name of the veterinarian who keeps an eye on the alpacas at the Mulberry Alpaca ranch?

Somewhere on this website is a picture of a very untidy brown alpaca – what has he been rolling in?

What is the name of the lady who leads the way in training and handling alpacas and llamas?

There are two different breeds of alpaca – what are they called?

On average, how long is an alpaca pregnant for each time?

Send your answers by e-mail or in an envelope to Mulberry Alpacas. We will need your address so that we can mail your prize. Your address will not be retained or used for any other purpose.

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