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Welcome to Mulberry Alpacas' growing library of articles covering a broad swathe of issues relating to the ownership, history, breeding, business and enjoyment of alpacas. We will regularly add to the library so please come back soon to see our latest articles.

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ArticleCategoryLast Updated
Camelid NutritionHusbandry-0/5-/2008
The documented challenges of feeding llamas and alpacas! [more] 
Is Organic Alpaca the Answer?Business-0/5-/2008
The stars are coming into alignment for natural organic fibers, but will the alpaca industry seize the opportunity? [more] 
The $1.75 Million Dollar Alpaca ArrivesBusiness-0/5-/2008
More than $1.5 million. Has the world gone mad? Perhaps, but once you look at the numbers it all stacks up quite nicely for the owners at least ...... [more] 
Genetic Improvement Programmes for AlpacasHusbandry-0/5-/2008
I believe now would be a good time for the British alpaca industry to take a long hard look at EPD programmes and have a meaningful debate about estab [more] 
Feel the FiberHusbandry-0/5-/2008
The focus of the alpaca market in North America remains the sale of alpacas. However, there is a growing call particularly from smaller breeders to s [more] 
What Can We Possibly Learn from Cattle Breeders?Husbandry-0/5-/2008
I recently had the opportunity to listen to an experienced cattle breeder. He has been breeding and marketing seed stock for over 40 years now and I w [more] 
Show Rules, Breed Standards, Auctions and Poisoned Alpacas.Business-0/5-/2008
Show Rules, Breed Standards, Auctions and Poisoned Alpacas. [more] 
Breed Standards - the end of the beginning?Husbandry-0/5-/2008
Nothing polarizes a group of alpaca breeders more than a discussion on breed standards. To illustrate this point, I should tell you how the old AOBA B [more] 
Constant Genetic Improvement is Essential for SuccessHusbandry-0/5-/2008
When I arrived in the USA almost three years ago now, I went around many alpaca farms and noticed that with some farms there were always two (or even [more] 
Accelerating Genetic Improvement.Husbandry-0/5-/2008
In a truly ideal world, this initiative would include the whole North American alpaca herd but politics and the long running debate over a breed stand [more] 
The American DreamBusiness-0/5-/2008
The American mind set is geared to achieving success, often against all the odds and this year will be a test of that determination as the industry lo [more] 
Wool ... and its place in the English languageHistory-0/2-/2007
A short but fascinating history of the positioning of wool and woolen products in the English language. Light hearted but informative [more] 
Don Julio Barreda 1919-2006History-0/4-/2006
The life and times of the unarguable father of the industry. [more] 
AOBA - The Great Alpaca Marketing MachineHistory-1/1-/2005
A discussion of AOBA and it's role in marketing and creating the generic demand for alpaca ownership. [more] 
Micro chipping of livestock is of growing concern and governments around the world are introducing legislation to make chipping compulsory. This arti [more] 
Titus And The Golden FleeceHistory-1/1-/2005
In 1844 Queen Victoria despatched two alpaca fleeces from Windsor Castle to the Salts mill in Bradford and was delighted with the fine, light, lustrou [more] 
Titus Salt Obituary from the London TimesHistory-1/1-/2005
A copy of the actual obituary from the London Times .... [more] 
The Secret of the Incan KhipuHistory-1/1-/2005
The emergence of new historical knowledge about the Andean culture and knotted signs [more] 
The Emperor's New ClothesBusiness-1/1-/2005
The only way for fibre economics to add up is to retain ownership of the wool through processing and, more importantly, at the retail end where the pr [more] 
Strong Auctions and Cheating in the Show-RingBusiness-1/1-/2005
I think the title says it all .....! [more] 
Its All in the BrandingBusiness-1/1-/2005
An article about how it is possible over time to create a brand through focus, effort and determination. [more] 
The Stormy History of Peru Since the Time of the Spanish ConquistadoresHistory-0/6-/2005
A chronology (timeline) of key events in Peruvian history since the sixteenth century. [more] 
The "Dollar a Day" DressFiber-0/6-/2005
A BBC TV documentary recently featured a section on the alpaca farmers of Peru. Here is a description of the documentary and a transcript of the featu [more] 
A Comparative Analysis Of Alpaca Breed Type and StandardsHusbandry-0/6-/2005
This is a wonderfully balanced and comprehensive article on the application of breed standards in the alpaca industry. Written By Jude Anderson, Maggi [more] 
Economics and Cultural Differences Explained --- Using AlpacasBusiness-0/0-/0000
A light hearted look at alpacas' place in society [more] 
The Alpaca AdvantageBusiness-0/0-/0000
High quality alpacas are a fundamental part of any breeding programme. Here’s some great advice on how to buy fabulous foundation animals. [more] 
A Comprehensive Guide to Alpaca Pre-Purchase ExaminationsBusiness-0/0-/0000
Considering the sizable investment of time, money and emotion that goes into purchasing an alpaca, a pre-purchase examination by a licensed veterinari [more]