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Located in the mountains of Ashland, Oregon  
Mulberry Alpacas Saturday, 19 July, 2008  



In their natural habitat, alpacas have no shelter from the sun or rain. Temperatures drop below freezing 300 nights of the year in the puna. Therefore, alpacas only need shelter where the conditions are markedly different from those of the puna. Having said that, the unit value of stock in North America is much greater, so more care needs to taken with these valuable animals than is warranted or possible in the puna where infant mortality is higher than in North America.

So, your shelter needs will be determined by where you live and what you are trying to protect your alpacas from (whether it be sun, wind, rain, snow or extreme cold) and also whether you are using an existing structure or have the opportunity to build a purpose built facility. Effective alpaca housing comes in many forms to suit the needs and budgets of just about everyone.